The Mission.

Inspired by great musicians in the rock and metal community, this band strives to be a cut above the average rock/metal music of today. Our approach to music and songwriting shines through in the unique and developed songs. Striving to make a name in the local scene and into the the ears of millions, this group knows no limit and consistently reaches for the next big goal. The talent is exceeded only by the passion and intent to write meaningful, powerful and engaging tunes for all to hear. Simply put, Lowdead is a passionate hardworking band attempting to keep rock alive!

The band.

Three piece powerhouse that is Lowdead.
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Nick G.

Bass master and cat wrangler.
Don’t let the appearance fool you. This dude brings the thunder every show and his every changing antics will keep you wanting more.
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Percussion expert.
When you feel the rhythm pounding through your soul and that tribal beat starts to move your feet. That’s when you know its The Clock is keeping time.
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Matt Z.

Axe Handler and lead vocals.
Whether it’s with the voice from the amp or the voice from the man. when you hear the roar you’ll feel the power!

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